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Kelechi Osemele – Oakland Raiders – Green
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  • Down.

It’s ALWAYS family when you rock that U. Best part is we just getting started, @thetatemartell.

#SolesBySir #1of1 #customCleats #TateMartell
  • If you thought our first year was wild, just wait until you see what @bam1of1 and I are going to bring to the AAA this season.

#SolesBySir #1of1 #BamAdebayo
  • Coming soon.

23 unique 1of1’s.

16x16 wood panel with a Glass Acrylic Resin Finish

The Jordan 1 has always been one of my favorite kicks to rock, so it was only right it became my 1st wall series for purchase. The goal was to make something that would “fit” everyone except this time it wouldn’t get dirty, or scuffed up when you use it. Now you get to change that boring wall in your place (or your loved one’s 😉) and give it that 1 of 1 treatment.

#SoleBySir #1of1  #customKicks #WallArt
  • It’s always COFFEE time!


#SolesBySir #1of1 #customCleats #GregoryPolanco
  • Good at Heart.

Loved working on these @cheerios custom kicks recently. What do you all think, would you rock them while eating your morning treat?

#SolesBySir #customKicks #Cheerios
  • Valley to Valley.

When your kick game needs to match your snack game. Who’s with me?


#SolesBySir #1of1 #customKicks #NatureValley
  • First you tease them.

Then you show them what you got.


Who’s your favorite @nygiants player past or present?

#SolesBySir #1of1 #customCleats #AntoineBethea
  • Such a huge honor to welcome the latest member of the fam, @fernando_tatis21.

We have a couple surprises in store for all you @padres fans.

#SolesBySir #1of1 #customCleats #FernandoTatisJr
  • It’s great to make it, but it’s even greater to remember how you got there. 
When @trav_blankenhorn made his Southern League All Star game we wanted to make sure we helped him show up in style.

#SolesBySir #1of1 #customCleats

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